Thursday, 25 April 2013

Days 115-125 Lee's adventures

We all felt the weight of Lee leaving us in a taxi from Stockholm.
Lee sent us an email (that we didn't receive) saying something to the effect of: I suffered withdrawal symptoms and tears until I reached the departure lounge, then I got myself the International Tribune, Hello magazine and a cup of coffee, then I thought to myself 'Get on with it, Lee'.
Lee's first thoughts on seeing her co-travellers in the Trafalgar Tours group was 'woopy-doo, what a bunch of boring old so-and-sos!'
Over half way through the trip we got an email from Lee's new found friend Annie, which pretty well sums up another reality:

It's Annie here, your mum's minder! She's out to dinner with the group but I'm exhausted - I don't know how she keeps going. She's having lots of fun, in fact the life of the party, which I guess you would know!
Everyone loves her so she's well looked after. She's been nicknamed 'the princess' by the 50 fellow travellers! I hope we become long time friends as she's been wonderful to me and we got along so well. At least half the tour group will be visiting her in the future!

And, in addition to making a stack of cherished memories: she got her wallet stolen complete with cash, credit cards and passport (but fortunately not any lipstick); went on just about all of the optional tours; over indulged at every meal; shopped to her hearts content (note: everything she bought was small and light - signs of a more mature shopper)...
What more could a girl want?

A summary of her trip: she spent a couple of days in Prague before meeting the tour group; then the tour started with three more days in Prague; three in Vienna; and three in Budapest.
The highlights were Budapest at night, a trip up the Danube, a concert in Vienna.
The trip was 'truly expetional'.


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