Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 19...into the country

We were told that Chiang Mai was one of the nicer cities in Thailand; within the confines of the old city walls/moats there's a pleasing blend of old Thai/drab functional/sharp modern set around enticing tight laneways; oodles of restaurants/bars/guest houses; endless choices of tours and activities; staying in an Aussie run super clean guesthouse. The old city has got a great vibe, charm, reminds us of places like Kathmandu...a little...but frequented by whities/tourists only and with loud parties that dff dff til 3am.

Where is the relaxed, smiling, friendly Thailand of the past?

We were always looking forward to the north west corner of Thailand. Cooler climate, hill tribes, less touristed.
We've now made it to a bungalow style retreat outside of Chiang Dao, set in temperate jungle, below the striking Chiang Dao mountain, 35km from the Burmese border, quiet, peaceful, spacious, pool (cold!), table tennis...and we've now realised just how restrictive the continuous run of tight urban environments have been to the kids. They can finally run and play! They're not bickering. Mum and Dad can relax.

Asia is demanding.
Tom picked the place we are staying at - Chiang Dao Nest.

The western a la carte menu is a bit of a killer for our budget. We're off to explore a local monastery in the morn, followed by Chiang Dao cave and then some local hot springs later on.
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom


  1. Lovely to see you all set against the exotic backdrop of Chiang Dao. Hope you are all coping well with the joys and sorrows of travel. You are an inspiration and I'm sure a lifetime of stories have already be hatched from your experiences so far. Miss you all and can't wait to catch up somewhere fabulous, sometime soon.

    PS I have a riddle for Rosie and Tom:

    A cat had three kittens- April, May and June. What was the mother's name?

    Let me know your answer kiddies!!!!

    Love and best wishes,


  2. Something to think about on the bus tomorrow... Lovely to hear from you xxx