Thursday, 3 January 2013

Getting restless...

Yesterday we relocated to Phitsanoluk, a matter-of-fact Asian town with train station. The train station for our trip north to Chiang Mai.
Staying at a spookily empty once-grand and very large hotel; more staff than guests; tidy, cleanish, functional; pool.
We've taken this time to plan ahead - as far out as April - particularly given the upcoming Chinese New Year will have wide spread impact on travel in SE Asia!
Highlight for today was lunch at a small Muslim restaurant - GREAT roti, stunning beef curry, sweet milky tea... We asked the owner if we could show the kids the mosque across the road; she brought us over and showed us through.
When we made it into the prayer room, a fervent Bulgarian(!) guy very quickly requested that Helen cover her head, which lead to questions from the kids after we left - questions with difficult and thoughtful answers.
They were very keen to tell us about the community surrounding the mosque; gave us some pretty groovy little muslim caps; and we had to say ' please only one' of their calendars and posters.

Enough of staying still, we just wanna get movin'. Bring on tomorrow and Chiang Mai!
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom


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