Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Five star frenzy #1

Tom had an Asian meltdown yesterday with Mum not far behind. Over the dirty restaurant serving tofu in pigs blood, over hearing next room's flushed business flow through the drain in our bathroom, over the stench of sewerage emanating from every drain inside and outside our hotel.
It was probably our worst room. Chosen because it was close to the bus station. And cheap.
Although the scenery from Fang to Chiang Rai made two bus journeys over five hours entirely tolerable for older travelers, clearly it was underwhelming for an 8 year old.
Kids tucked up for an early night. Mum and Dad decided it was time for our first indulgent night and to satisfy the quest set by our dear friend Brendan Shaw: a Mai Tai at the pool bar of a 5 star hotel.

The Dusit Thani was selected and for a meager $130 we get soft beds, buffet breakfast, peace, pool, room service, chance to feel clean, clean, CLEAN...

The idea's been mooted that we should mark the final day in each country at a 5 star.

Roll on the next Asian meltdown!
Laos tomorrow...
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:ถนนเจ้าฟ้า,Chiang Rai,Thailand

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  1. Sounds very familiar and well done on crafting such a great solution to an inevitable part of travel :). Missing you all. Fluff gone to her year long home today...all's well.