Saturday, 16 February 2013

Trek Day 6 - 7: Boys Big Adventure

It was decided the girls should descend further down to Rimche while the boys had boys time and trekked on upwards. "Let's go up to where the snow is, Dad,"
It wasn't an easy decision to separate, but we were confident Rosie would be OK. Besides, Sandesh The Wonder Porter was 'running down to the shops' in Syabrubesi to get more ventolin.
The actual decision for the boys to head up again wasn't made until breakfast, until we saw how Rosie had fared through the night. A quick bit of packing and they were away 9-ish.
Tom was up to the challenge, chatting away as usual, walking strongly. Shane found the higher reaches of the Langtang valley just as fascinating and beautiful as when he was there with Helen in 2000.

They arrived in Langtang at around 12.30, choosing to stay at the lodge of the sister of the lovely folk at Riverside, Peace Full Guest House.
Tom was in heaven with a big walk behind him, milk tea, hot lunch and a copy of 'Tintin in Tibet' that Dad spied on the bookshelf.

After lunch they headed further up the valley in the direction of Kyanjin Gompa.

Tom made the decision to turn back at the village of Mundu, primarily because his goal of having reached the snow had been achieved.

Helen sent up a message via bush telegraph that Rosie was faring well and that she was happy for us to use day two of our boys adventure to make it all the way to Kianjin Gompa. After a very cold night, they woke to a fresh blanket of snow over the village and low cloud, so chose to quit while they were ahead and make their way back down.

Tom surprised everyone around him with how well he handled the two days at quite high altitude, getting lots of praise and comment along the way.
Back at base camp, Rosie struggled even at 2450m with the cold air at night, needing several tries to successfully leave from the dining room to the cold bedroom. One evening the girls gave up and slept on the (warmer) dining room floor.

Wherever they were, the hosts were always incredibly attentive, concerned and caring.
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Boudha Main Road,,Nepal

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