Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 8: Tamang Trail, Rimche 2450m to Khangjim 2235m

Everyone we met who had completed the Tamang trail had sung its praises. Not so much for big mountain views, but for interactions with the locals. The trail is a relatively new concept and has really only been 'on the map' for 2-3 years. We were looking forward to something a bit different, but were also hoping not to be too disappointed with the scenery.
Shane's decision to come back down was right. The day unfolded slowly to reveal it had snowed down to around 2,500m - fairly low for this part of the world.

A late start, as we waited in vain for a fellow Aussie trekker to bring down the walking pole and novel that the boys left at Riverside, before heading off to Sherpagaon for lunch at Super View Guest House. Indeed it did have super views across to the Ganesh Himal, with Paldor in all its rocky glory.

The trail was breathtaking in more ways than one! (That's us in the shot!)

Opinion was divided after lunch as to whether we should press on; it was spitting rain. Given we hadn't walked far and we had good pack covers and jackets, we continued. Doh!

Twenty minutes later it was sleeting. The cloud rolled in. Then thunder. Then lightening. Then snow. The girls freaked out and zoomed along. Every time they popped out from forest onto open hillside, Rosie (her understanding of "don't stand under a tree in a storm" being that open hillsides were safer than forest) would announce "there, we're safer now" and Helen would say "hmmm, just keep the pace up darling." The boys were much more relaxed. Helen's stressometer was blowing a gasket!

No discussion over guest house required - first one's a good one in a storm! The Surka was absurdly large and charmless, but very friendly.

The kids were super excited to watch the ground go from brown to white, the first time they have ever watched snow really settle. The local kids were running around in freezing temperatures with thongs (flip flops) and regular clothing, while we huddled around an ineffective fire.
Uno has become the favourite evening past-time for all of us, including Sandesh. It is always a pleasure to be inclusive of him, and easy, despite his limited (but perfectly sufficient) English.

Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Boudha Main Road,,Nepal

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