Monday, 25 February 2013

Trek Day 15: Thambuchet 1862m to Gatlang 2330m

Drizzle embraced us as we set off on the last day of our trek. The trail wove through brown patchwork fields, stepping up gently along the valley floor, separated by grey stone walls. The kids bounced along in front for the first hour, as the trail zig zagged 500m up to a corner giving views back to Thambuchet and forward to Gatlang.

The second - and thankfully last - hour was along a muddy 'half road' and was emotionally punishing. Why is it that the last day of any multi-day walk (or last hour of a day walk) never goes fast enough?
Heads down, let's get on with it.

When we arrived in Gatlang, we took one look at Sandesh's wife's grandfather's home stay and couldn't do it. We knew Sandesh would be offended, but this 'homestay' was nothing more than two small rooms, pitch black, with filthy mattresses on the floor. Other than the pitch rooms, there was nowhere to escape from the thronging audience.

Meeting Sarkini and Premela and seeing Sandesh's home was a highlight of the trip. As we drank tea, a local crazy woman ruined the experience (especially for the kids), by shoving her face through the window and breathing like the Dementor (Harry Potter). Another reason to hideout in Gatlang Guest House instead of the 'home stay'.

Sandesh promised us local food for lunch, and we got it. Boiled potatoes :-) Authentically sprouting and soft, but mercifully shy of being green, we dipped them in a fabulous but fiery spice from local trees.
After the initial disappointment, Sandesh happily took us up to the Gatlang Guest House (best food on the trek?) where we watched many people thronging to a wedding between a Gonggang girl and a Gatlang man. The women were dressed in their finery, many walking from Tatopani and

Three French girls and a Frenchman Bernard provided some very welcome company after so many evenings spent alone on the Tamang Trail.
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Boudhanath, Nepal

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