Tuesday, 25 December 2012

World's biggest wave pool!

What to do on Christmas Day in Bangkok with children? Visit the No 1 family attraction - Siam City Park.

We observe: tired, dirty, desperate version of Disneyland; gates open but the rides closed; everyone walking quickly past the closed rides to somewhere; signs are in Thai...English...and Russian!
So...followed everyone...to...the world's largest wave pool...quite obviously the raison d'ĂȘtre for Siam City Park!
There was the expected mix of Asian tourists, but by far the majority were Russians: svelte blond bikini clad young women and their burly partners; monstrous babushkas with angry sunburn; without exception adoring the sun. G-strings akimbo, or bikini bottoms pulled up between butt cheeks; well endowed women routinely grabbing their breasts and pushing them UP. Adoring Russian partners snapping photo after photo of aforementioned attributes and of their girls posing model-like on 'the beach' (slabs of pebblecrete). Is this where Russian package tourists come? Do they go further afield to the islands or just stay right here in Bangkok?

We stood out as The Aussies with our rashies and sunhats.
Curious rules were enforced! No shoes on 'the beach', no t-shirts, no jumping or too much splashing.. Shane got into trouble twice...he failed to understand the demands repeatedly screamed over loudspeakers in Thai as he threw the kids into the air / wore the wrong shirt.
When the rides finally did open, they didn't disappoint!

The 'New' 'African' Adventure was a classic. Initially quite well constructed, with electronically controlled animals now worn and badly patched with giant band-aids. Amongst the expected mix of indigenous African animals, we spied reindeer, wolves, kangaroos, pandas, rabbits, swans, snow leopard, black bears...and the piece de resistance was a scene of Masai warriors crucifying some dour, pudgy, overtly white English hunters - in particularly poor repair!

There was rubbish everywhere, two chained live monkeys in the treetops and an over-sized gorilla holding a screaming child in his hands as he roared and repeatedly poked her - or tried - his digits broke off long ago.
If you go to Bangkok put Siam City Park firmly on your list of must-sees!
Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Soi Pha Suk,Bangkok,Thailand

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