Saturday, 22 December 2012

Massive change of plan

Turns out the monsoons have gone crazy - this is usually the best time of year in SW Thailand, but it's been stinking hot and humid and grey every day and strong wind and rain warnings are out for Xmas and beyond. So our vision of a quiet Xmas on a picture postcard island has been dashed!

The monsoon in Sumatra this year is also particularly heavy with roads washed away... So we have ditched our plans to head south and instead northwards we go in search of dry sunny weather (and an alternative destination to justify our $600 investment in anti malarials bought primarily for Sumatra)!

Night train to Bangkok tonight! Xmas in a flash hotel with pool and WASHING MACHINE (yes! We are SO middle aged...)

Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Trang, Thailand

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