Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hotel of Deception

3 days in Bangkok and our favourite hotel, The Atlanta, was sadly full so we booked a little luxury via It was Xmas after all.

500m from skytrain - 2.5km from skytrain. Washing machine - no washing machine. Complimentary water - no complimentary water. 36-45 Sq m - 20 sq m. 2nd floor new apartments - 6th floor old apartments. Self catering - a kitchen indeed but void of all utensils, cloths, crockery etc. King size bed - twin beds.

No towels of any description.

On top of all this deception, they incorrectly charged our credit card with a fee that had already charged us and 'acquired' one of our towels.

Needless to say this hotel was owned by a swarthy north Indian man who greeted us with the slippery smooth welcome one would expect and distrust in northern India. Of course we complained - forgetting how fruitless complaining is in Asia - "Yes indeed, problems with description of this hotel. It is a problem indeed." Followed by that waggle of the head that means "It is fate; it is the wish of Shiva; it is the way it is."

We DID get an upgrade to a bigger room at least.

Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:Hua Ro,Thailand

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