Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Just what are we doing anyhow?

Dinan, 2010, the final and magnificent destination of our two month cycle tour through France: "So should we keep going? There'll never be an easier time than now." For six days we tossed around the notion of continuing our family euphoria. We chose to return to Australia, determined to do something longer 'next time'.

In 1988 Helen was booked to travel the Trans Siberian to China. The Beijing massacre happened a week before departure and her journey took her to India instead. She determined to travel the route 'one day'.

Every day in Canberra our children asked us to play with them for longer than we could spare; asked more questions than we could find the energy to answer. 'Ask again tomorrow kids'.

In 2012 we sold our house south of Sydney. On the cusp of buying an unexciting home in Canberra on the cliff of the greatest economic downturn we've lived through, with two children still in primary school, with aging parents in the UK missing their only grand children and an aging parent in Canberra bursting to see more of the world with us, we determined: now is the time.

So we sold our car, off-loaded many of our belongings, deposited the remainder in storage, prepared next year's tax returns, squeezed a billion tasks and errands into the small windows of time between high pressure full time work engagements, bought one way tickets to the cheapest destination in South East Asia, parked all the reasons we shouldn't do it (and there were many) on the virtual shelf, and made it happen.

We're traveling overland from Sumatra to Somerset in the UK (where Helen's parents live). The trip is in four segments: 3 months in SE Asia up to Beijing; 2 months across Mongolia, Siberia and Scandinavia; 5 months cycling from the Netherlands around Europe along an as yet undetermined route on our tandem made for four; and 3 months in the UK.

We're off!

Shane, Helen, Rosie and Tom

Location:ศักดิเดชน์ ซอย 9,Talat Nuea,Thailand

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